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Dream Roles...

I know you're not lying awake at night staring at the ceiling and thinking "I wonder what Carley's dream roles are." But just in case you WERE, here's the list ;) I've been told to look at what actor you’re similar to and see what they’ve done. (On Broadway, off, etc. Who did they understudy? Then you learn your "type") I always like to revisit this to keep myself on my toes. Thinking about it recently, I thought it'd be fun to share! This is just for fun/an exercise for me to think about my career.

Let's start with the basics:

8. Rose- Dogfight

I know it's annoying when every college girl sings "Pretty Funny" but it's because it's soooo damn relatable.

7. Margot- Bright Star

I was recently up for this role at a theatre here in FL. Going through the callback process was when I really fell in love with the role.

6. Zoe- Dear Evan Hansen

High school was weird for I'd love to be in a show that highlights the toughest and sweetest moments.

5. Olive Ostrovsky- 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

The first show I was a part of in college! I understudied Olive but never got the chance to go on.

4. Jovie- Elf the Musical

Being as awkward as I am in real life...on stage? Yes, please.

3. Julia Trojan- Bandstand

I saw this on Broadway and cried the whole time. #basic. This is such an important show that closed way too early (IMO)

2. Eurydice- Hadestown

I know I'm basic but I don't care. This story is one to be told and while telling it I'd love to sing this iconic music!

1. Alice- Alice by Heart

Being a part of this show in ANY capacity would be an honor. In my opinion, everything about this show is spot on. The ensemble is KILLER. I was so happy to see "big names" coming together. They literally come together physically as the caterpillar & the jabberwapper. It's such an ensemble based show that they only took one bow together at the end. Alice just wants to live in the moment (and maybe avoid what's to come). And the music...I have never been so thankful for an original cast recording.

Roles I’d like a re-do on because I was waaaay too young:

BEFORE YOU READ THIS LIST- I would like to give my high school a shoutout. (FORT MYERS HIGH SCHOOL) They didn't have many resources, if any, but they always did great with what they had. It's because of that program that I went on to pursue theatre in college and professionally and I'm so grateful!!! We did shows that really challenged us and are so iconic. I would just love a do-over since I know proper technique now.

1. Kate Monster- Avenue Q

It was the high school version so “The Internet Is For Porn” was “My Social Life Is Online.” HA! But we had REAL puppets for this production! They were so nice.

Avenue Q at Fort Myers High School - 2012

2. Fantine- Les Mis

I had no idea the proper weight that Fanzine really carried. But you BET I sang "I Dreamed A Dream" every night like I was freakin' Anne Hathaway.

Les Mis at Fort Myers High School - 2013

3. Clara- The Light in The Piazza

I was in this show my sophomore year of college. My voice teacher at the time was the music director for the production so I was very focused on my singing. I'd love another change to portray Clara and really dig into her world.

The Light in The Piazza at Theatre Jacksonville - 2016

4. Step Sister- Cinderella

Back when I did theatre but was still embarrassed to look like a fool on stage...the director wanted me to be more obnoxious but I decided it'd be better if I left rehearsal crying and never came back, LOL. I was very young. Now I'd love to be silly on stage in this role!

The Catherines…

1. Cathy- The Last 5 Years

We did this at my high school… I was just happy I got to sing that song about auditioning (Climbing Up Hill) Looking back, I’m thankful that my eyes were opened to such a beautiful piece of art. I hope I get the chance to take on this role again for technique reasons...and now that I know & understand the highs and lows of love.

2. Catherine- Pippin

I played this role when I was younger in an educational theatre program. The woman who directed us is a BOSS. Another reason why I'm still in theatre. I loved being a part of this show so much, it's still my favorite show today :)

3. Katherine- Newsies

Who wouldn't. Heh.


1. Princess Anna- Frozen

I was that 23 year old in a sea of toddlers when I saw this show on Broadway. I treated myself and got a single ticket that was center mezzanine and it was worth every penny. I love Princess Anna because she is always down for an adventure and loves with all of her heart.

2. Anastasia- Anastasia

I feel like I'm bragging at this point because of the iconic women I've seen perform...that being said, I saw Christy Altomare portray this role on Broadway. I dressed as Anastasia for Halloween for 9 years straight when I was growing up. She's my favorite princess because through it all she is strong! And while journeying through the past, she gets to belt her face off.

3. Belle- Beauty and the Beast

I wanna be a Disney princess and I love Belle. Is that a good enough reason?

You made it to the END? Thanks for being in my brain for a minute! I'm not gonna lie...I'm not sure why I have a blog. I'm not exactly targeting a certain audience. I just love theatre and I love expressing myself through it in different ways, and this was a fun exercise.

Till next time!

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