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Cheers to 2018

The new year in 2018… did we take away anything or cut off toxic relationships if we didn’t post about it? What a time to be alive. A time where everyone needs to post a recap on social media. At first I thought, really? We get it…happy new year. (New Years has never been my thing.) But by seeing all my friends talk about their year, I started to think about mine. I wouldn’t have done any self-reflection if it weren’t for those around me being so vulnerable and reflecting upon themselves. So, THANKS FRIENDS!

Side-note: 2018 was a killer year for a lot of my friends. I’m proud of ya’ll. I was getting pumped reading about all the things my peers had accomplished. 2019 is gonna be LIT.

2019…damn. Weird.

Instead of writing about the hardships I faced in 2018…I’m going to write about my resolutions for 2019. What better way to be held accountable, publish it to the world!!!

1. Practice more

Stretching: Let's start with 3 times a week.

Dancing: Sign up for more classes! You’re gonna loose the small amount of skills you have if you sleep in every day you have off.

Singing: Isn’t it funny how we want to do something for the rest of our lives, but sometimes it’s so hard to get to practicing? I love practicing…once I’m there and I’ve started. It’s the getting my ass up and starting that’s the issue. Let’s get over that.


How is this something I tell myself every year but it’s so hard? I’m an actor. I need my body to be in tip top shape. I’m aiming for the gym twice a week- minimum. I’m starting by drinking at least 85 ounces of water a day. Less alcohol. I love me a good glass of wine…but my voice is too reactive to it. Why is it so hard to get 8 hours of sleep? I’m in bed on time. But then my damn phone calls me to scroll for an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. Then my brain turns to mush and I get a bad sleep. Enough of that! Which brings me to my next point...

3. Less mindless scrolling

I saw a friend posted this as one of her resolutions…we should all probably add it to our list.

*currently downloading the app "Moment"*

4. Keep working hard

2018 was the year I worked hard. Like…really fucking hard. (Pardon my French…it’s my blog! I do what I want!) This is the year I gave myself permission to be myself in an audition. I went to more auditions than I can count. Living in Florida, there aren’t THAT many to go to in the first place. But I’m proud of myself. I worked full time, stayed on my shit, and killed lots of auditions this year. I only canned like…2. That I can think of. (Maybe I’m lying. Let’s focus on the positive.)

5. Keep up with that budget

I know this is for resolutions. But I did well with some things in 2018 and I’m gonna keep up with them.

6. Work on your relationships.

7. More essential oils!

Do you guys use essential oils? They’re awesome! My diffuser is on now. I got a mini one for my car for road trips to auditions. Peppermint is my migraine’s worst enemy.

8. More art.

Enough said. I’m tired of passing up opportunities because of my day job.

Here’s to taking more risks.


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