Hi, friends!


My name’s Carley. 


I cried a lot as a baby. It’s what I did best! There’s a home video of my dad recording my mom’s reaction to me screaming my head off. My dad said, “Check out the lungs on this one. We got ourselves a singer.” I was then raised by the greatest people with the greatest taste in music. 


And the rest…was history!!! 


I’m currently in my roaring 20’s where the hustle. is. real. I'm based in North Florida where I work full time, teach voice lessons, and audition like it’s my job. (Because it IS!) But because of the hustle, I am now a proud equity member candidate! 


I’m driven by wanting to connect with other artists. We’re all working, teaching, auditioning, and practicing. In the midst of it all we get to create something beautiful. Isn’t that what it’s all about?! I'm a Fit For Broadway Ambassador where we "encourage wellness as a way of life." 


Now for the fun stuff…


My favorite animal always has and always will be a sloth. I’ll always choose iced coffee no matter the weather. (Don’t you dare call me basic). And I will try to add pumpkin flavoring to my coffee all year round. (Don’t. You. Dare). 


I’m in a great place in my life where I’m getting the chance to do everything I love. I’ve taken a lot of time to travel. This year alone I’ve been to Boston, Chicago, NYC, and DC. When I’m traveling, I turn into a professional foodie. 


Wow, still reading? You liiiiiiiike me. 


It makes sense for me to have a website given my career choice.

I'd like to take the next step by being open about the choices I make early on as a performer. I post about my good and bad auditions online...Why not start a blog? This way you'll know exactly where to check if you're wondering, #WhatsCarleyDoing. I also think it’s important for performers to know we’re in this together. The only way we'll survive this crazy biz is if we have each other's backs. It’s all about support, so thank you for yours! 


Now, let’s do this!